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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A saw an Angel last night!

I saw an angel last night.
With in pleasurable feelings-
I found me lucky to be around her.
I asked her softly –“what do you favor me, today”?
Of course, ‘Lullaby’ - She replied.

I said; I am grown up now.
Further, she sought to have an insight of my maturity.
I told her-
I think for my village – my people – my resources.
I hate this new road link in my village.
I hate those labors working on too.
One machine too, it’s called JCB!
A Devil, Alike!
It has a paw! Which is continuously digging my land!
I cry! Jesus! I weep!
Angel! Angel! Angel!
Please save me - my village.

She looked astonished and staring continuously.
She stared for long,
She shouted even,
But; I was all clear regarding my perceptions.
Boo! She had gone furious!

She touched her magical red cheeks.
Pointed out the beauty of her long black hairs - bright and fair skin - outstanding attires.
I was shocked and afraid!
Though her magical smell was not good enough to bribing me.


Her beautiful eyes appeared like a Dragon’s eyes.
Snooping to absorb the charm of my place,
To sustain her beauty,
Her lips enough to aroused someone sexually-
Suddenly seemed like an open mouth of a crocodile.
Who was hungry, and don’t know from how long.
Looked in hurry to chewing the bones of local resources-
Culture - people.

I was sweated all wet.
I rushed to the road.
I saw all drivers sleeping well.
Machines taking deep nap,
To rejuvenate its strength,
For tomorrow…

I cry! Jesus! I weep!
Angel! Angel! Angel!
Please save me - my village.


An Iengar Chick .... said...

@LB : very nice pix and prose

Lokesh Bisht said...

Thanks @TM! am pleased to see your comment :)

An Iengar Chick .... said...