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Sunday, August 29, 2010


The way passes away..
like marooned door's silence...
which has nothing..
even an existence...

The way I crossed..
had enough to preach...
aspects of life..
echoes of philosophy...
long cacti ground for experience..

I am still a pure human..
many times feel proud..
same much times low too...

smile...Jolly....with silence..
Think life is just transformation of energy...

lost in colors of almighty..

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life been speckled –

Everyone goes to corner
And I feel the love
They may say spread love
Oh! To me obliviously
Then I say to me
Being I too crazy up to this?

Breeze from snow
Was the thing of past
This time blames come to ear
Fylfot! Who one? Fylfot
Was I for parents?
At beginning of life

Think time is bad
Being guest to waif,
Shelter and food
Instead to fight with brother
Are in schedule

At day time, world in screen
And at time of ghost
Only Baron’s bed
Wet in memory of
Passed thorny destiny

Lokesh Bisht...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soul of warrior


I am an American.
I rush to be before the bullet,
as I push air out of my way.
I snap commands, advice
without request, involuntarily.
I wait only briefly for anything.
I comb my hair without looking,
as fast as possible, then
cant understand why my
strands are haphazard.
I brush past, my goal in sight,
but you, who are you?

I am an averter.
My eyes have never touched
anyone. I will rush to my grave
and even in the tomb
will be pissed, for everything
I didnt get to finish.

I am an American. I pledge allegiance
to the clock, to productivity, to the bottom line.

Judith Pordon

A Literary Magazine For The Concerned Poet And Artist
Fall-Winter 2001

Monday, April 19, 2010

salute country

The flag that you salute
By knocking your neels
The history of any amount of suffer
of the exploited people
Is deeper, than its three colors

every wound of our soul
Is bigger in size
Than the chakra of that flag
My Friend, Even after getting
Kicked by your nailed boots
I am much higher than mount Everest

Sepoy ! Please tell frankly
whether I also dangerous to you
Brother, please tell me truth
If you don't see something of your own
In my skin - torn body
and blood flowing out of my mouth?