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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life in clicks

Yes, It was the Dorling Kindersley’s official picnic day and more than 220 employees had already confirmed their participation and I was also one among them.
Picnic was all planned nicely and Agenda was:

12:30pm- Departure from office
1:30pm- Reach the venue
1:30pm- Lunch, followed by games
5pm- Departure

I really didn’t know why I was happy though I had no one to go with. However, I asked to my senior picture researcher if she is coming or not. I headed to home, dressed up well and went into a park.

Apparently I am in Delhi for 4 years but still I haven’t visited most of the parks/museums/historical places. That day I rode according to my nod and entered into Indraprastha park. I was keep Wandering here and there but couldn’t located any of employees of my company and then I called HR – ‘which gate to come’?

This was the first imagery I clicked in the park. Though I havn’t had good time to think about it but I got sensitive and reminded myself the value and true joy of our childhood days.

This is especially true at times when I would like to escape from the torture of survival endeavor, social ethics and political hurdles. It’s the time when we live associated only with fun and play. No matter which socio-economic class we belong to. I'd rather call it the time without any major responsibilities to shoulder.

I couldn’t thought much because it was already 2pm there and tired of calling people and asking which Gate no. you are at. Weather was sunny and bit warmed. I changed the direction to hunt my office team with bit confusion, - 'why I am not able to locate anyone here'?
For one thing I was sure that park was all crowded with love birds and you could see them everywhere lying on each other’s back or cuddling, kissing, crying, laughing and fighting.

Aha, such a wonderful moment I met. I could saw people in and enjoying. May be it seemed me beautiful and extra bright because I am still single and want someone. -*blink*- It’s the time when you’re in an emotion of strongest affection and personal attachment. Someone was right – ‘Love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection and ‘the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another’.

2:30pm it was and I was hungry, tired and sweating too. I think a kind of exacerbation I was having with. I checked all d gates then got to know there is one more gate, which I missed earlier. Being optimistic soul, I moved to next gate wondering if I could see my office people.

Errr, I was shocked to see this old man sitting on THE base edge of a wall. May be couple of questions he needs to address and probably not getting the way. God knows what he was thinking for. On reflection, I realize it’s not about anger, or even self-blame. It was about fear, which I could easily read on his face. This mirrors his own physical and emotional struggle. To maintain some veneer of sanity, I struggled to stay in the present and didn’t think beyond.

The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.~~OSCAR WILDE

I crossed my patience limit thus inquired with a gentleman to get answers to my queries and before he could started, I heard a girlish voice. There was a girl behind, telling me that I am in wrong park. I got nervous and tired but smiled and again started asking some questions eventually which might had with me.

I was crushed mentally and physically too and by 3pm I started heading to Lodhi garden – alone, tired, hungry....however, happy to clicked something amazing!


Emily said...

Loved this post. I'm sorry you didn't find your office party, but glad you had some time to reflect and take note of the present. Love the pics!

Lokesh Bisht said...

Thanks for the appreciation Emily! Yes, got a random chance to see some different things and later on I also attended the picnic by the evening in the same day :)